MacChampion has been acquired by Lagente Software. Updates to PinPoint are now available through the Mac App Store. Previous versions are still available here for those who cannot upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6.6 and the Mac App Store. Licences for versions before 3.5 are still available through Kagi through the application itself, but cannot be used with 3.5+.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to automatically give free upgrades to the new version. Current users need to purchase a new license.

Visit for more details.

Easier to find, more fun to watch!

Enhance your pointer with animated graphics.


PinPoint 3.0 rc 3 for 10.5 +

PinPoint 3.0 beta 19

(In case rc 1 doesn’t work for you)

Dowload version 2.52
(For 10.3- No animated pointers)

Download Extra Pointers for PinPoint 3

Buy a registration code for 10$


PinPoint 3.6 is now available!

Looking for BatChmod?

We only host this great product, visit the Lagente Site for details.


Scenario Script Launcher

Scenario is now available from Lagente Software. Visit their site for more details.